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The art(ificial) company Globalpix specializes in intelligent art recycling, thereby successfully contributing to the reduction of art overproduction by a factor of 2:1.

Globalpix collects old painted and discarded canvases from other artists and processes them further. Canvases are torn into strips and intertwined on stretcher frames. In this way, grid-shaped, square fields emerge from the braided structure that are used as pixels constituting the new paintings while still preserving traces of the original paint. When viewed from close up, the pixel images look like an arbitrary, abstract network of colors. Due to the low resolution, motifs emerge only from a large distance, that has to be kept if not to lose one's perspective.

more info about Globalpix by:

Marta SmoliƄska

Christoph Tannert

Kwong Lee

Peter Liebers


Globalpix (english subtitles) - the film on intelligent art recycling