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Anne Peschken and Marek Pisarsky have been working collaboratively since 1988 under the name of Urban Art.

Our work is mainly conceptual and site-specific.

Our artists’ practice makes use of diverse media, materials and techniques depending on the analyses of a given spacial situation. We understand space as multi-dimensional and are interested in its social, urban, aesthetic and historical elements which we shuffle around, re-mix and explore as 'urban street workers' in the public space.

The re-use and re-interpretation of material by ways of re-cycling or up-cycling is another important aspect of our artistic strategy. Since we transferred our studio to the Polish countryside, we are increasingly active in the Polish-German border region.





  • Anne Peschken
  • Marek Pisarsky
  • tel: 0049-30-618817
  • tel: 0048-95-7474576
  • email: urbanart@snafu.de