Elevated Pastorals - Exercise Machines

Elevated Pastoral, 2008

Installation in the Berwick Gymnasium Gallery of modified exercise machines equipped with dystopic landscape videos.

The title Elevated Pastoral refers back to the classification of landscape paintings William Turner tried to establish in the 19th century. In our time, where obesity has become a recurring topic of the mass media, the exercise machines were re-designed in such a way, that the landscape films only rolled on when the machines were in use. When exercising was interrupted the films paused as well.

All videos were shot in the vicinity of Berwick layering various landscapes in a highly artificial manner on top of each other. Northumberland - which provided already Turner with numerous motives – presents itself as a dystopic world, where uprooted nature seems to take revenge.

Elevated Pastoral Tour 1 - Cheviots

Elevated Pastoral Tour 2 - Holy Island

Elevated Pastoral Tour 3 - Tweed

Elevated Pastoral Tour 4 - Airborne