Bollards over Dresden

Bollards over Dresden
Alternative Arts, Soho, London, 1991

Urban Art plastered the walls of a temporarily empty shop in Soho with pages of the telepone directory onto which the famous image of Dresden after the air raids was printed taken from above a church stile next to an angel.

Flying through the space that could only be viewed through a peep hole were brightly coloured bollards, usually used for guarding off traffic construction works.

At the time a bronze statue commemorating Bomber Harris was being put up in London.

„Urban Art was chosen to work in London for a year because their past engagement with the modern city caught the imagination of the selectors. in London, Urban Art have continued to collect the products and rejects of the metropolis and, through the techniques of exaggeration and repitition, to reflect on the disorientation of the city-dweller.“
Filicity Lunn, Whitechaple Art Gallery