Book Release: Satellite Lives – A Picture Book of Košice


The final result of our artists’ residency in Košice is the publication of the book “Satellite Lives – A Picture Book of Košice”. An artist’s view on the future European Capital of Culture in 2013.

The book combines the history of former Sowiet Lunik-Moon Missions with a photografic walk through satellite towns Lunik I to IX in Košice. It gives a survey of modernist block architecture, its history, current state of being and finally leads to the infamous Roma-ghetto of Lunik IX.

The book is available in Slovakia in all artform bookshops 9.80€ or directly through us by mailorder. It has 72 pages, approx. 130 colour photos and is written in Slovakian, English and German.

Up to May 6th, the books and the video “Flying Panelaks” are on view at he East-Slovakian Museum on Hlavna Street in Košice.

Please, feel free to comment on the book or the video – especially if you happen to live in one of the Luniks.

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