Tracking down Andy Warhole

A Trip to Medzilaborce

Another little village invaded by high-flying socialist buildings.

We were excited to learn Andy had a brother – John – who decided to be an artist, paint Cambell cans and put his 15 minutes of fame to use shortly after his brother had passed away.

His works are on show in the Museum, in a room before you enter the main exhibition hall. He helped found the Museum and was on its board of directors until his own death in 2010. Warhole’s parents emigrated from a little village near Medzilaborce and so the whole region is proud of its famous son.

This is Andy in bronze as a dry fountain. The water is supposed to come out of the umbrella.

To our surprise Medzilaborce also boasts a shop with fine crystall chandeliers – with an average price of 20.000€. We didn’t find out how often costumers come in to buy.

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