Sunday Trip to Michalovce

Michalovce is a small town to the east from Košice, near the Ukranian border. I’m somewhat sorry to confirm this cliché but the further to the east, the more the achievents of western (sic!) civilization begin to look like threadbare backdrops.

Michalovce invested money in the renewal of its pedestrian zone that doesn’t seem to attract many visitors.

If not to say completely deserted:

The sign reads: Crossing forbidden! The area is monitored by the camera system of the City of Michalovce.

Slightly more people were doing their Sunday shopping at the local Kaufland shop, that was opened in 2003 shortly after the refurbishment of the pedestrian zone.
Here we asked for the way to the Zemplin Muzeum. The man who could give us directions added warningly: “But don’t ever ask any of the blacks. You know how they are. Pozor!” (Beware).




We got to the Muzeum safely only to find it locked. Although - according to a sign on its door it was supposed to be open. After a while a young guy opened yawningly and agreed unlock the Muzeum for us – in an hour. We told him he didn’t need to bother and left. Maybe he was right and the beauty of the Muzeum could easily be seized from the outside.

But then we discovered one more beautiful thing in Michalovce: 

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