Urban Art
Anne Peschken / Marek Pisarsky
transRobota is an international art project, taking place as the VII. Biennial of Contemporary Art in Szczecin on a semi-island called Lasztownia in the harbour of Szczecin. This partly derelict industrial area undergoing huge transformations is located on the right hand side of the river Oder, vis-a-vis the city center.

transRobota is a site-specific art project reacting in times of apparent global transformation to the social, economic and physical space of the Szczecin harbour. The project will feature contemporary art works especially conceived and designed for this location.

Companies functioning on the premises as well as the (post)-industrial area itself constitute an integral part of the exhibition project. Starting and reference point for artists' reactions, comments or interventions is the variety of still existing workspace. Actual production processes, workshops and labour environments become part of the project.

As a first step a preliminary conference was launched in October, 2006

The project finalized with an exhibition in the National Museum of Szczecin (Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie), running 3.8. to 9.9. 2007.

Participating artists:
Kuba Bąkowski (PL), Heman Chong, Saim Demircan (Singapur/GB), Markus Draper (D), Roland Fuhrmann (D), Eva Hertzsch, Adam Page (D/GB), Laura Horelli (FIN), Tilman Küntzel (D), Maciej Kurak (PL), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (D), Ulrike Mohr (D), Oliver Ressler (A), Otmar Sattel (D), Roland Stratmann (D), Urban Art - Anne Peschken/Marek Pisarsky (D), Julita Wójcik (PL)

On occasion of the exhibition a catalogue was published.

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