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Dialog Loci
Dialog Loci - is an art project on the premises of the former fortress of Küstrin – today Kostrzyn, on the Polish-German border.
It consists of 19 artistic propositions and interventions concerning the public and social space of the former Renaissance fortress aiming at the multi-layered cultural history and the border situation. The fortress, which once encircled the whole city, was completely destroyed at the end of World War II and never rebuilt. Today it is often referred to as Pompeii of the XX. century.

Dialog Loci regards the fortress as a space for dealing with personal history as well as with national historiography in a lost place, long forgotten and today functionless.
The exhibition concentrates on still unsolved questions of national identity, border symbols and entrenchment, social problems connected with the local economic development, cultural and ecological influences.
The fortress changes into an exhibition of contemporary art, site-specifically concentrating on trans-border activity, migration and international dialogue on the past and future.

Participating artists: Mirosław Filonik (PL), Bernardo Giorgi (I), Krescenty Głazik (PL), Elzbieta Jabłońska (PL), Grzegorz Klaman (PL), Michael Kurzwelly (D), Hester Oerlemans (NL), Arturas Raila (LT), Carina Randlov (DK), Susken Rosenthal (D), Jadwiga Sawicka (PL), Roland Schefferski (D), Zbigniew Sejwa (PL), Urban Art - Peschken/Pisarsky (D), HS Winkler (D), Georg Winter (D), Markus Wirthmann (D) and Julita Wójcik (PL).
Exhibition curator: Aneta Szyłak.

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue.