Urban Art
Anne Peschken / Marek Pisarsky
The Wandering Buoy is a solar powered mobile sculpture marking personally or historically important places by use of its LED-display. It was developed in 2005 for the Sculpture Biennial Münsterland that hosted the motto: 'latent history'. The sculpture was deployed at changing locations where it drew attention to hidden meanings, also by emitting sound and blinking signals. The actual message the sculpture strives to convey at a given location is defined by the user, who is also responsible for the text input on the LED-display.
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Wanderboje - Wandering Buoy
For over five years the Buoy wandered through the district of Borken (Westphalia, Germany) as a monument of ever changing messages, drifting through the ocean of history.

"How ever difficult it is to detect how collective history and the experience of individuals are intertwined, it is obvious that a fight is fought over the interpretation of history as such, about the frame of personal remembrance. Often this is a manipulative fight from above. Governments work with ideological instruments on how they are depicted in schoolbooks and - especially - how members of society are meant to experience history. The Wandering Buoy microscopically creates points of return, where you can come to terms with yourself, where old stories won't rest in peace. An individual employment of the Wandering Buoy offers the opportunity to assure yourself of your own history or to get completely wound up in it and to avoid living exclusively in the present."
Christoph Tannert, curator