Urban Art
Anne Peschken / Marek Pisarsky
curated projects



Installation for the exhibition Dialog Loci, Kostrzyn 2004

A platform was built on top of the ruins of the former military headquarter of the city of Küstrin / Kostrzyn, today situated on the German-Polish border, on the Polish side. The platform rises up to a height of 1,40m and measures 200 square meters. 6 tons of earth were needed to prepare the ground for a perfect lawn.
During the exhibition various bucolic scenes took place on the platform. A peasant turning hay, cows, horses and goats grazing on the luscious pasture. A tree grows inexplicably from the basement debris through the platform and offers shade.

In the background a neon sign features the word ‚Morgenthau’. The shining red handwriting resembles the coke logo. But the old-fashioned spelling and the German meaning of the word (morning dew) refer to romantic memories of an early summer morning, when - after a sultry night - a new dewy day is breaking. At the front side of the platform there is a sign giving biographical data of Henry Jr. Morgenthau, American state secretary under President Roosevelt the founder of the Morgenthau-Plan. This plan intended to completely de-militarize and de-industrialize Germany and to turn her into a solely agricultural country.